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Ways to Use Books To Get Productive For 2022

New year coming up, fresh start. We always seem to be doing nothing in this weird week before the New Year and after Christmas. But I, for one, love this time; it’s easy and relaxed, but also the perfect time to get your productivity sorted while everyone else is lazing around. And the perfect way to do that? To use books to get productive. That, and normal life/school/work is starting again, and I don’t want to repeat last term’s mistakes.

So in this post we’ll be looking at a different kind of books than we usually do – the kind of books your write in. Diaries, jourals, notebooks- the lot. Let’s get started.


  • Diaries
    • Schedules & Appointments
    • School/Work Diary
    • The “Dear Diary” Diary
  • Journals
    • Gratitude Journal
    • Mood Tracker
    • Workout Tracker
    • Habits Tracker
  • Notebooks
    • To-do List
    • Doodling
    • Thoughts
  • Conclusion


Schedules & Appointments

No more panic moments of double scheduling with this little idea.

School/Work Diary

Homework or projects, assigned tasks or meetings, this one takes care of it all.

The “Dear Diary” Diary

Pour your worries out onto the paper like your favourite smoothie and watch your worries flood away. Plus, you get a memo of your younger days (*sad sniff*) when you’re bored, sad, or plain glum to cheer you up when you’re older.


Gratitude Journal

This is a really flexible option. You put down three every day, or however much you want whenever you want. There are no rules for this (unless you come up with some).

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Mood Tracker

Want to get to know yourself better? This one’s for you then. It will help you find links between your moods; for example, a common one is being irritable when you’re hungry.

Workout Tracker

Keep track of your exercise, to make sure you’re kept accountable, which means this is a great way for everyone to get to grips with how much you really workout.

Habits Tracker

Kind of like the Workout Tracker, but… this one has a big difference; it follows more than one of your habits. So, a good way to format this is in a chart which has each day of the week on it, with your habits across the side. Simply put a tick or cross on the squares which you have done, and leave the others blank.


To-do list

A strange way to calm you down, but trust me, it works. You won’t ever forget a single job again (only if you follow this rigorously).


Definitely a de-stresser. You’ll find all your worries melt away, and doodling is proven to be therapeutic and relieve stress.


Jot down what’s running through your mind, or anything you think of. You might be surprised with what you write.


Go show the world what you can do in 2022!

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