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11 Ways to Make Money From Books

If you’re in need of some extra cash, want some passive income or just need a job, and want one you love, this post is the perfect place to learn how to make money from books. Keep scrolling!

1. Write a Book!

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This is perhaps the most obvious one. You don’t have to become a fully-fledged author, though. Books are a long-lasting form of passive income, and are worth the effort to complete.

2. Make a Book Blog

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It could be like In a Nutshell, or completely different. I love writing a blog, despite its challenges. It’s hard, but will pay off in the long run.

3. Sell Books Online

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This is more short-term and manual, but can be handy to have to get rid of old books in a good way. Amazon and Ebay can be good to begin with.

4. Translate Books

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Cette idée utilise votre connaissance des langues – sorry, but it’s true, if you know French. Languages can be extremely useful, no matter where you live or work. Here, you use it to make certain literature a lot more accessible to other people and countries.

(Psst! Don’t know French? ” Cette idée utilise votre connaissance des langues ” means, “This idea uses your knowledge of languages”. Just a spot of simple present tense.)

5. Become an Illustrator

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With an artful twist, this idea is especially creative, and lets you unleash your inner artist. Your level or style doesn’t matter; there’s room for everyone in the illustrative world. Kind of like an author’s best friend, the illustrator gets a share in the profits.

6. Make a Publishing Company

It is common knowledge that it can be hard for writers who are starting out to get their work published, so why not give them a helping hand? So, this one might need a touch more entrepreneurship than the others, but anything is possible here.

7. Proof-Read Books

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Authors need a fresh eye to scan their work, so will be looking out for people to do that. The only knowledge you’ll need is grammar, so maybe it’s time to brush up on that.

8. Write Book Reviews

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It’s surprising, but people would even pay you for this, and once you get a good reputation it even might be featured on the covers of books. That’s a brilliant feeling.

9. Make a YouTube Channel about Books

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YouTube is a great way to earn money, so if you add books to the mix you have a wonderfully flexible way of working and stable form of income. Vlogging is fun but you’ll need good quality equipment later on, so keep that in mind. Have fun vlogging!

10. Design Book Covers

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We all love the feel of a beautifully textured book cover under our fingertips, don’t we? So banish all boring designs and make your designs a joy to have on the bookshelf.

11. Become a Book Influencer

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Use your social media to gain money with this tip. Spread love for books over the internet with this, and become a bookfluencer!

These 11 ways to make money from books will earn you some extra money as well as being fun, so you’ll never be bored. See you next week!

(Psst! Now that you’ve worked hard and earned some money, take some time to relax! Put down your devices and try out these Fun Book Projects.)

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