Purple crocus delicately flowers

My Photo Gallery

Welcome to my photo gallery. Here you’ll find a collection of calming photos taken by me in my travels over the world. You might find some of these dotted over the website in various posts, too.

About My Photo Gallery

I took these on my travels, some closer to home and some further away. With a photo for every occasion, In A Nutshell’s posts will always have that something extra.

My Photography

I love photography, so I can give In A Nutshell a personal touch with my pictures. This also means I can tailor them to each post and season. Have fun learning about the picture’s background through the captions under each one in the Photo Gallery. Also, keep an eye out for these in my posts, as this is like an easter egg hunt.


We also use photos from Unsplash which we make sure to credit, so you can have a look at more of the photographer’s work. We want to support the photographers on Unsplash who make their high-quality work available for wider use. You can take a look at Unsplash here. However, you can be certain that all the photos in this gallery were taken with my very own camera.

Before You Go…

On the Featured Image

Each of my posts has a featured image, and the more recent ones will have a section just like this, which gives a description of the image, and/or tells you about the story of it.

For example, this one would be…

A purple crocus flowers among the grass, with a few dead leaves still dotted around. This is truly a herald of spring.

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