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How To Add Book Spots Into Your Home

Being surrounded by books makes us all happy. But we still want to keep that balance of being able to breathe and having a tidy house with still having space for books. Here, you’ll find out exactly how to add book spots into your home.

So grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

(Just a sec! It’s best to skim through this post and then read it thoroughly so you know what’s in Part Two, which can help you with Part One. Kind of a paradox.)


Part 1 – Making Space

Step 1: Locate all Book Spots

Image by Tierra Mallorca via Unsplash

If you have a floorplan of your home, that can be helpful. Jump to Part Two for ideas on what these can be like.

A Book Spot is essentially a semi-permanent or permanent home for books.

Book Spot definition

Step 2: Clear them Out

Yup, you heard me right! It’s time to brush that dust off your book spots and give them new life.

Step 3: Plan Out New Book Spots

This is where you decide where they’ll be and find new, inventive homes for your books.

Step 4: Design Them

Awaken your inner architect andfigure out height, colour and features. Have fun!

Step 5: Plan Out A Budget

Don’t worry if your purse is tight; you can still do this, but will have to be a smidgeon more creative. Plan out your money limits.

Step 6: Find Your Shops

Trusted? Check. Good deals? Check. Good quality? Check. Then it looks like you’ve found yourself a great store.

Step 7: Find Your Products

Scan your market for a brilliant product that fits your needs perfectly.

Step 8: Assemble and Fit In

The fiddly bit, but also when you watch your planning come to life.

Step 9: Fill With Books and…

Remember when you emptied your book spots? Well, if you didn’t get carried away and got rid of all of them after reading this post, put a few of those in there.

(Oops! Did you get carried away, or just don’t have enough? Take a look at this post on how to get more books for cheap prices if you can’t wait to stock up.)

Step 10: Voila!

So there’s Part One done and dusted. There you have it.

Part 2: Ways To Incorporate Book Spots Into Your House

Where Part 1 outlined the methods of the manual bits, but here’s help with actually finding how to incorporate books into your home.

Under A Desk

This one helps with space and money; a true two in one. A shelf under a desk.

Box Shelf

To fill in the gaps.


The classic; what more can I say.

In A Wardrobe

Like a different but cool flavour combination.

On A Display Shelf

A perfect place for the pride of the books.


Brilliant for those books that make you so happy and motivated; like gazing up at the sky.

In a Box

Take this one anyway you want to. Under-the-bed makeshift bookshelves, a temporary solution,

In a Library!

So, this one requires a little more space, but if you have a spare room, you could do this! Other options include…

Sub-Idea 1: In a corner or a wall

Make a library area without needing a whole room. Under the stairs, the hallway wall, or on the landing- anything will do.

Sub-Idea 2: Merge it

If you want a library badly but something else also is important – merge it. A study and library, den and library, office and library, playroom and library; this way, the possibilities are endless.

Books really are worth the hassle, so get up now and go make your design dream happen!

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