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The Art of Positive Living | My Thoughts on the Book

Recently I’ve found my mind has been more inclined to see the negative view of life, rather than the bright and hopeful one that I’ve always tried to keep. So when I went to collect a long-forgotten book that I’d ordered from the library a while ago had just arrived, I took it as a – sign? No. A challenge. Since I opened this book, The Art of Positive Living :How to See the Good in Everyday Life, my life has taken a turn for the better. Come, and share in its magic of positivity.

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How this book makes Positive Living work…

One useful thing about this book is that you can read it from anywhere. Anywhere at all. Which is why it’s perfect for a daily dose of positivity. This is because it has one method per page with a description and ways to make it work below it, leaving us with a clear and simple layout.

Firstly, I flick to a random page in the morning as part of my routine. Next, I’ll write down some notes from it in a journal or notebook along with the page number and try to implement the tip in my life immediately.

Despite its small size, this book carries a lot of wisdom. Consequently, it may take some extra time to finish, especially since it’s not a novel type of book. I find that usually it’s best to keep coming back to books like this, in particular to not forget the tips and revert to your old ways!

↓ Take a look inside the book and try some free sample tips for youself! ↓

↑ Try some sample tips in this free preview of The Art of Positive Living: How to See the Good in Everyday Life

Why Positivity?

In a world with many struggles for many people, it can be tough to feel bright and hopeful on some days. But that’s okay, because we all have days like that. This book is about helping you to feel better about tackling the problems that you can, and about enjoying the little things. After all, that is what life is made up of.

Also, take a look at this beautiful cover! Just like the inside of the book, it’s simple, but its gorgeousness shouldn’t be underestimated. The hard cover is glossy and smooth, with gold triangle pattern details that repeat throughout the book. What about the titling and font? Well, it’s just as satisying to look at with gold lettering in the white circle.

In Conclusion…

I find this book incredibly helpful to keep my mindset fresh and away from negativity. Reading does present you with a gem of a book every so often, and I think that this definitely is one. Thanks to Camille Knight, the author, for creating a book like this, too! I hope you find this handy in the New Year, to help you not get bogged down by your and other people’s resolutions or second doubts. So, stay positive everyone, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!

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