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Get Into The Habit Of Reading Daily: A Detailed How-To

Reading is fun and important. But if you didn’t grow up with a love of books, it can be tough to get into the habit of reading daily. So here’s a guide on how to do that. Skip straight there or learn why it’s important to get into the habit first.


  • Why is Reading Daily So Important?
    • You’ll Enjoy It More
    • You’ll Get Better At It
    • It Adds Up
  • Part Two – The Tips
  • Carry A Book Around Everywhere You Go…
  • …so you can Read Whenever You Can; Be Spontaneous…
  • … But Schedule Time…
  • … Like Before Bed…
  • …Or At Lunch Break
  • Make It Fun
  • Switch it Up

Why is Reading Daily So Important?

We all know that reading every single day is significant in life, but why? Why should we do this? Well, if the promise of a sanctuary, and adventure, and escape isn’t enough, here’s a few reasons why reading will help you in your life.

You’ll Enjoy It More

If you enjoy it more, that’s certainly a reward in itself, isn’t it? But this one’s interlocked with the next one; the more you enjoy it, the more you read, the better you are at it,the more you enjoy it, and so on.

You’ll Get Better At It

This one is exactly like the last one; they’re interwoven. However, this one also means you’ll be more efficient, no matter where you work. A teacher marking stories and essays, a cashier scanning receipts, an influencer responding to companies’ emails; you name it, there’s something for you. Life will be so much simpler, and you’ll be able to spend more time on what really matters, like preparing classes, planning your posts, or helping customers. You’ll also have more free time, and be able to be with your family now.

It Adds Up

Also, it adds up. If you read 30 mins a day, in a year you’ll have read 10,950 minutes in a year, but if you read only 10 minutes a day, you’ll have read 3,650 minutes a year, and the amount of books for the former? A huge number. And that pays off in the long run.

Carry A Book Around Everywhere You Go…

In your backpack or purse; it doesn’t matter where, just make sure you take a book everywhere you go. In fact, it csn even be pocketsized! This means you’ll always be ready to read, and never be caught unawares.

…so you can Read Whenever You Can; Be Spontaneous…

Opportunities spring up everywhere, meaning the previous tip will help you with this one. On the queue for a bus? Read. Waitingfor an appointment? Read. Cancelled lesson? Read. The list could go on and on. If you make sure to catch a few minutes every time you can, you’ll have a habit of reading daily in no time.

(Psst! Make sure you still take the time to be alone with your thoughts, at peace, or they might become uncontrollable and stressful, like a storm inside your head. You might want to jot them down on a notebook or try some other ways.)

… But Schedule Time…

However, you might find you prefer a more structured method, or simply find those spare moments don’t add up to enough. Either way, scheduling time can help. Try an online planner for portability or get one on paper for a distincly productive feel.

… Like Before Bed…

An ideal time would be before bead. Drowsy and secure, a book is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. As bedtime can’t be rescheduled or cancelled, this slot will make a brilliant choice.

…Or At Lunch Break

If you happen upon some spare time at lunch, you could try this to calm you down before the second stressful half of the day. Books with a snack? Perfect combo.

Make It Fun

But above all, make sure to make it fun. Don’t read a book you just can’t like; find one that thrills you, one that you adore.

Switch it Up

And a good way to keep it interesting is to switch it up. Do you always read at the local cafe with a cup of coffee before work? Head out to the park, or try curling up on the library armchairs for a change. You never know what you’ll find there and where life will take you.

No matter where you are or how your life is, reading can bring you an escape, a passageway to another world. It will provide you with a refuge, but this powerful habit will also take you far in life. So, no matter how long it takes, you will get there. Have fun reading!

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