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3 Planet Earth Books You’ll Love

It’s more important than ever to take care of our planet, but it can be frustrating when people around you don’t understand what they can do to help. Reading these books is a great way to learn about the world we live in and find out ways to preserve it for the upcoming generations to marvel at. What’s more is these books are easy to read, making them suitable for everyone.

Book 1: Blue Planet: Life in Our Oceans and Rivers (Colors of the World)

The ocean life will die if we don’t take action now.

Image by USGS via Unsplash

This book by Moira Butterfield is easy to read and has brilliant illustrations by Jonathan Woodward. Filled with interesting facts, this one’s a must-have in any bookshelf.

We fear entering the water because of sharks. We should be more worried about the day when we can’t find them anymore.

Hanli Prinsloo, CEO and co-founder of I AM WATER

Younger readers- ✔️
Illustrated? – ✔️
Hardback?- ✔️

Book 2: Green Planet: Life in Our Woods and Forests (Colors of the World)

The forests need our help now more than ever.

Image by Guy Bowden via Unsplash

The sister book of Book 1, this is all about the land we live on- but more specifically our trees and forests- the planet’s lungs. From record-breaking trees to types of forest and life they support, this

Younger readers- ✔️
Illustrated? – ✔️
Hardback?- ✔️

Book 3: Blue Planet II (BBC Earth)

Image by Marcus Spiske via Unsplash

Wriiten by James Honeyborne and Mark Brownlow, this book was brought to you from the BBC itself. With a foreword from David Attenborough, this is great on its own or as an accompaniment to the series of the same name.

Younger readers- ✔️
Illustrated? – ✔️
Hardback?- ✔️


Image by Li-An Lim via Unsplash

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I hope you loved these Planet Earth themed books. It really helps you appreciate the planet, and all of it, from the deep Mariana Trench to the Amazon Rainforest. It’s just like travelling again- something I’m looking forward to doing a lot more of.

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