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5 Book Genres You’ve Got To Try

Books come in many different styles and genres, so its guaranteed that you’ll find a few types that’ll appeal to you. To help you understand what the book genres are, I’ll make a list of them with a descriptions and examples of books in that area.

Children’s Books

Books you may have poured over in your childhood days, these nevertheless have an irresistible charm for all ages. They can range from books perfect for children just starting to read to full-sized books with an innocent touch. A great author from this sector is Astrid Lingren. Take a look at her official website to find out more about this inspiring person.



This is a breathtakingly exciting category which is more popular than ever. It requires a touch of magic, surrealism or out-of-this-world-ness, but other than that it varies hugely.



These are usually age-old books that have stood the test of time- and many harsh critics. Universally accepted, it is a good idea to read these at one point in your life. Check out Alexandre Dumas Works for more info about the author of the famous Three Musketeers.


Folklore, Legends and Fairytales

These hold ancient stories, usually told to a country’s new generation. From idyllic fairytales to gripping legends, these have a large range of (typically short) stories. Each country has its own hoard of these, and it is fascinating to delve into them to learn more about each land.


Autobiographies and Biographies

Want to leave your story for the world in an unforgettable way? Write yourself an autobiography. In telling the story of someone’s life, autobiographies and biographies can inspire many and immortalise awe-inspiring lives. Are you struggling to tell the difference between autobiographies and biographies or just want to know more about them? Take a look at my ‘Autobiographies vs Biographies- What’s the Difference?’ post to find out more.


A Final Note

There are lots of book genres in the world, so hopefully we’ll see a sequel to this post sometimes in the future. Some of these categories can overlap for some books; for example, The Hobbit is a children’s book enjoyed by many and is deemed a worthy classic. Which category do you like most? Make sure to comment below.

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