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    14 Funny Book Quotes to Lighten Your Day!

    Under the weather? Just not feeling it today? Here at In a Nutshell, we’ve brought you 10 handpicked funny book quotes just for you this Tuesday. Go ahead and indulge in some extra laughter. But maybe grab a warm drink and snuggle up with a blanket first. Here we go, with 14 Funny Book Quotes… So, In Conclusion… Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully your mood is a bit brighter now! We all need some time to recharge, after all. These are from my Pinterest board – “Book Quotes ~ Relatable and Funny” in the section – “Top 15 Funny Quotes ~ For the Blog“, so check out the board…

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    Things That Go Brilliantly with Books

    As the rush of daily life resumes after the holidays, we need to remember to schedule in some down-time. And you know what down-time can mean – books. So here are lots of things that go brilliantly with books, for every season. Contents: Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter Image by Kat von Wood via Unsplash Let’s start with winter, as that’s where we are now. The Sofa Have to start with this. Curling up on the sofa with a book? Perfect for cold days. Snow Even though to many of us this can only be a dream, books go with snow amazingly. A perfect snow day includes reading a book…

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    4 Fun Book Projects To Try This Winter

    We love book projects here at In A Nutshell, so we’ve roundedup four great ones to try this winter, with this holiday time on our hands. A perfect opportunity to destress from all the festive rush, or you could use these to your advantage to get the whole family or friends together by making this a group project. Either way, hours will pass in no time with these book projects. The book projects: Book/ Reading Bucket List DIY Bookmarks Book/Reading Club Book/Reading Challenge Let’s get started! Reading Bucket List Skydiving, going to space, riding a camel; they all are the typical ingredients of someone’s bucket list, although some are more…