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14 Funny Book Quotes to Lighten Your Day!

Under the weather? Just not feeling it today? Here at In a Nutshell, we’ve brought you 10 handpicked funny book quotes just for you this Tuesday. Go ahead and indulge in some extra laughter. But maybe grab a warm drink and snuggle up with a blanket first.

Here we go, with 14 Funny Book Quotes…

This happens all the time! 😩 But it’s even worse when they make them an unredeemable villain that you can’t have any pity or understanding for.
I love this so much. Just imagine living alone with your pets in this house, with a Beauty and the Beast style library… 😍
Exactly. This meme describes it perfectly – some people need to get their facts right…
When it comes to books, I think you can never have too little money
… which is why I always pick the people I tell it to carefully!
(It might help to get inspiration and ideas for your book through a different way… try my post on it.)
Yes, yes they are Marge. All of them!
This is too relatable and true, it needs to stop.
“Sometimes my genius… it’s almost frightening”
Yep, all the books we had to read were so pointless! They could have picked better ones…
I can’t lie, all the other books are doomed to gathering dust. That ‘To be Read’ list gets longer and longer all the time!
I mean… I can’t help it, can I?
At least it would serve them right for some of the things they’d been doing!
Wow, that bookshop must be popular! But when you need a book, you need it.
That feeling when this happens…!

So, In Conclusion…

Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully your mood is a bit brighter now! We all need some time to recharge, after all.

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