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3 Self-help Books For Teens to Read to Improve Your Life

Life can be tough, so you might find yourself sulking on the sofa all day, sensing the dread of the homework and chores piling up. We’ve all been like this, so here you’ll find 3 Self-help books for teens that’ll turn your life around. And reading this post won’t count as procrastination- you’ll be a different person in no time. Enough of searching for excuses – keep reading for some powerful motivation.

1. The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager

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This one has warnings that it’s specifically for teens only, but can be understood by younger children- and adults, if they dare! With tips to try and stories to read, this one really makes you realise that life is short- really short, so you should get a move on.


Target audience: teens

Age range: Pre-teens to teenagers, or very mature older children

Easy to read – yes

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

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This is a version tailored for teens, so everyone can practise the 7 Habits in their own style. On that note, you could go and pick the adult version too, while you’re at it. Make sure to head to the Baby Steps section at the end of each chapter for ways to put that habit to life. They really are helpful!


Easy to read: Yes

Target audience: Pre-teens to late teens

Maturity suitability: More mature children


And here’s a link to the offer listing page of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People

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If you want to improve your people skills, this books will be great for you. From world-wide company leaders to everyday people, this book is perfect for everyone. This is packed to the brim with stories from every part of society, and my version even has Carnegie’s story at the end.


Easy to read: fairly – This book is clear and concise, but is a more deep read.

Target audience: Adults

Maturity suitability: any age

A last word

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Good luck with your journey to whatever goals you have. I hope these self-help books for teens and this post have reminded you that if life is tough, you can still keep going. In the end you will look back at this moment and be glad you kept going. After all, as someone once said, struggle is there for you to prove that you really want something.

Psst! If you’re in need of a fresh change, why not try some new book genres?