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    Things That Go Brilliantly with Books

    As the rush of daily life resumes after the holidays, we need to remember to schedule in some down-time. And you know what down-time can mean – books. So here are lots of things that go brilliantly with books, for every season. Contents: Winter Spring Summer Autumn Winter Image by Kat von Wood via Unsplash Let’s start with winter, as that’s where we are now. The Sofa Have to start with this. Curling up on the sofa with a book? Perfect for cold days. Snow Even though to many of us this can only be a dream, books go with snow amazingly. A perfect snow day includes reading a book…

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    Book Reviews

    Wishing it was Spring? Read this poem

    The gorgeous multicoloured leaves are beginning to fade away and chestnut season is over, while the weather is getting colder and colder. We’re beginning to properly start thinking about Christmas (I actually bought some of my Christmas presents in late October!), but in this dreary gap beofre the festive season, we might need a little something to cheer us up – like this sweet spring poem. Grab a cup of hot chocolate (or whatever warm drink you like), a snack and curl up on the sofa while we head on. These daffodils are sure to cheer anyone up. Image by Yoksel Zok via Unsplash The poem’s History WIlliam Wordsworth wrote…