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The School for Good and Evil: My Quick Thoughts

In next week’s post, we’ll be talking about how to refresh after a long, long read, and get back on track. Kind of incidental that that was inspired by recent personal experiences, from a book that pulled me in. I couldn’t stop reading, and read most of it in one day, and all of it in nearly 24 hours, amongst doing other stuff. That book was The School for Good and Evil, and here are my thoughts.

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My Thoughts on The School for Good and Evil

This book is very gripping. Not only that, there are so many plot twists. It’s like a giant rollercoaster! (Not too much thought, thankfully). It does leave you thoughtful and speechless afterwards, for good does ‘win’ just not really like you’d expect. It might not be one for younger or more innocent readers, due to the emotions it puts you through and some other scenes, but should be fine for many.

Sophie. Sophie of Galvadon is a character who you like, then love, then hate, then like again, then dislike her, until at the end… you’re just left with understanding. You almost know how she feels without experiencing anything near to what she has.

On the other hand, our love for Agatha just grows, and grows, and grows. But from being sort of a side kick she becomes the hero who we side with. Slowly but surely this fairy tale becomes hers. I think that were rooting for her all along, but didn’t expect for everything to turn out this way.

The author is Soman Chainani and there is now a film on Netflix of the first book.

Did you know?

So, this long read was definitely worth the time. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series! If you want to find out more, check out the official website!

Book two, A World with No Princes, is the book I’ve just finished reading. The same love applies.

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