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Got Unused Books? Here’s What to do With Them

You might be redecorating, moving house or doing a spring clean (in autumn); it doesn’t matter. What does, though, is where you put all those dusty old books. No, shoving them into your garage or piling them into a large cupboard doesn’t work. I’ve compiled a list of ways to get rid of those unused books in an eco-friendly and book-friendly way which leaves your house looking fresh and your bookshelves ready for new reads this autumn.

1. Donate them to your local charity shop

This option is great if you have a lot of books and want to contribute to the community. You’re likely to find some great deals and brilliant pieces.

2. Sell them on Amazon

A quick way to earn some extra money while clearing the house out, this method is likely to become a full time hobby.

3. Gift them to friends and family

With this, make sure that your books are in great condition and are going to be loved to prevent disappointment. Otherwise, this one gets two birds with one stone; saving you from searching for presents and giving your books a new home.

4. Sell them at a carboot sale

Bored over summer? This method is for you then. A fun way to earn some extra cash, tidy your room up (easily!) and have a day out- you’ll love this.

5. Make a DIY out of them

If your books are just too battered for any of the earlier options, then this is for you. One thing I love about it is its versatility: it can revamp a book’s cover so it can be re-gifted, or can completely transform it into Halloween decor.

Your Bookshelves are clear now, so you might be wanting to refill them. Take a look at some more types of books you might want to try here.

So there you have it. Five quick and easy ways to clean your room of unused books and still have fun, with plenty more bonuses as well- from new friends to more money, everyone will love these tips. Now, I’m off to clear my bookshelves. Happy Halloween!

Psst! Make sure to check out next weeks post for tips to get your hands on some books without breaking the bank!