Why You Need To Read Hunger Games

As you should be able to tell from the types of books here, I’m not the biggest fan of dystopia. But Hunger Games? This is a book on a whole new level.

I’d always heard of Hunger Games. It was somewhere on my list of ‘I’d like to read this sometime’. And I happened to begin reading it entirely by accident. Also, I began in the middle of Catching Fire! So now I’ve read book one and two, but not three. So shhh, no spoilers!

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What is Hunger Games?

This is a dystopian trilogy set in the country of Panem in North America, the main idea was that while children from every district get sent to an arena to fight each other, the winner is the last one alive. But clearly, there is a message behind it, about the corrupted government. Maybe not one for the little ones…

What Makes It So Special?

Hunger Games was a book I couldn’t put down till the very end. Make sure you have more must-read books on your bookshelves by using this post as a guide. Here’s a list of some of the briliant things abot it.

  • It is gripping and won’t bore you at all
  • It’s storyline has just the right amount of plot twists
  • Katniss and the other characters are brilliant
  • You’ll feel like you’re right there
  • It’ll be one of those books you’ll be sad it’s the end of

I hope you’ve been convinced to give Hunger Games a go. While usually I don’t prefer dystopia, this was a refreshingly nice change. Who knows if you’ll develop a new interest this way? Give it a go.

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I’ve finished the third book now. It’s just as full of surprises as the other books!