Book Spotlight: Little Women & Why It’s a Must-Read

Little Women is a book I knew I would love from page 2. This one will give you motivation to live life fully without any sickening motivational speeches (make sure to take a look at some good ones, though) – and will be relatable. No jokes- you need to pick up this book somewhere now.

Welcome to the first post in the Book Spotlight series, where I’ll be featuring a book I’m currently reading.

I don’t think making you read a huge section about the history of a book is a good idea, so we’re going to keep it brief and interesting. In a Nutshell got its name for a reason!

Louisa May Alcott wrote this book in 1868 (along time ago!) to escape from poverty. To her suprise, it was a best-seller and brought her lots of money, and finally freed her from debt. She was born in 29th November 1832 and died on the 6th of March 1888. Little Men: Life at Plumfield with Jo’s Boys, written in 1871 and Jo’s Boys and How They Turned Out, written in 1886 were two sequels to Little Women.

                  Did you know? Jo was based on Louisa herself.

In the Book, Little Women…

Read on, no spoilers here!

The book displays the story of four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. I’ll leave you to find out their characters yourself. Their father is off in the war, so they deal with that struggle as well as the ones from inner questions and a bit of poverty. Find out the rest yourself.

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This is what one of the old covers looked like. Image via Pinterest

Before You Go…

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