How to get More Books for Cheap Prices

Sometimes it seems like you don’t know if you should buy a books or not. You could use that money for something else…. and besides, you don’t even know if that hefty price tag is going to be worth it! That struggle doesn’t have to even exist, and you can get your hands on new books for cheap prices – your purse will thank you for it. Read on to find out more.

1. Get it from a charity shop

Image by Iñaki del Olmo via Unsplash

Charity shops sell anything, so it’s guaranteed you’d find a lot more than books there- although you’ll be spoilt for choice with them.

2. Get it from the library

This option is 100% free- no need to pay a single pence, but you might want to make sure you give it back in time. It’s easy, too- all you have to do is find a local library, find a book you like, get an account, and borrow it!

3. Get an eBook

Image by Frank Holleman via Unsplash

eBooks are generally cheaper than books, saving you money, and can be more portable, as you can read mutltiple books from one device- a Kindle, although you can use a phone or tablet as well.

5. Ask for it for your birthday or Christmas

Brown wrapping paper hides a present and is tied with gold glittery ribbon
Image by Freestocks via Unsplash

This way you’ll spend zero money on your book – and have gotten rid of the worry of choosing your present.

6. Get it from a second hand store

Piles of old books in an old second hand bookshop where you can find books for cheap prices
Image by Eli Francis via Unsplash

These are hidden treasures which can be found in almost any town or city that you’ll have fun searching for. Once I even found a half underground one! Here you can find long-forgotten books that may even be out of print, too.

7. Get it from a car boot sale

Image by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

Car boot sales are easy ways to clear out your bookshleves- and fill them up too. Before you know it, you’ll have a bag-full of books and other gadgets you bought for great deals.

8. Do a book swap with friends

Image by Ben White via Unsplash

Sick of the same books sitting on your bookshelves, day in, day out? Then this option is perfect to spice up your bookshelves – and your friends’- while not cluttering them up or spending anything.

9. Borrow it off friends or relatives

Image by Adam Winger via Unsplash

Sharing is caring, so you’ll love this one. They’re sure to say yes. One thing though, don’t damage or lose it, or you’ll have to face some fury that rivals your sibling’s.

10. Get it from Amazon or an online, second hand store

Image by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

This is brilliant to find a huge selection of books, so you’ll easily get a great deal. Amazon will soon become your go-to option for finding new books.

11. Use a book token voucher for huge discounts or books for free

Don’t you remember how many of those you collected at school? From World Book Day to school prizes, this one will be easy. one word of warning: use them quickly or they’ll go out of date, just like all the food in the fridge!

12. Scan the stores for discounts

Sale clearances and Black Friday- it would be hard to spend a week without finding some sort of discount in a shop. Especially on holidays, all the shops will be fighting for your attention.

13. Use a voucher finding website

Image by CardMapr via Unsplash

Almost like ultra-portable, digital book vouchers,these scan the internet for the best deals and present them to you in seconds. Not just for books, these apps will soon have a permanent place on your home screen.

Now you’ve got your books for reasonable, cheap prices, you might find that you love most of them. But for the ones you don’t, you might want to check out my post – Got Unused Books? Here’s What to do With Them – for ways to get rid of them.