Why Home Libraries are Just Amazing

Imagine this: there’s this room, all filled with books. Books, stacked on the bookshelves filled to the brim, waiting to be read. Overflowing with sumptuous quietness, the only sound to be heard of is the birds’ dainty songs from the trees nearby. You head over to a window, perfect size with a comfy window seat below. This room, is all yours. Your very own home library.

This is my dream, to have a beautiful home library, and for most people, it is too. I tried to avoid any details, because while some people might long for dark wooden floor, with the same dark wooden bookshelves all the way to the ceiling with ladders leaning against them, with a dim glow from the lamps, others might just adore a soft window seat by a huge window with light-coloured bookshelves lining the walls. It’s all up to preference. I don’t really think that libraries are capable of looking ugly, if there’s such a thing.

Firstly, many people might not be able to have, or get their own home libraries. I don’t have one, for example.

But you can still love them, and normal libraries are still open. Also, you could try adding a book spot or corner so you can still have the benefits of home libraries in a smaller space.

Inspiration on Home Libraries

Make sure you take a look at my board on home libraries on Pinterest for tons of ideas.

Home Libraries and reasons why they’re brilliant

  • They can be in many different styles – there’s one for everyone
  • They’re a place to relax, and a safe haven
  • You will never be bored in them
  • Your books will finally have a permanent home
  • They will amaze any visitors
  • They’re overflowing with peacefulness

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