How Books Help You Learn Languages

If you’re learning a language, you need to try this tip, then sit back and watch your progress skyrocket. After doing this, you will understand how books help you learn languages.

In any language, there are four main elements: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Even if you don’t realise it, these all form part of our day to day lives as we use English. You’re reading this right now. If you just had a conversation with a friend, you used the skills of listening and speaking. And for you to be able to be seeing this post, I had to write it.

So here’s the tip: get as many books as you can in any of the languages you’re learning. This will help you immerse yourself in it. This works because you learn a language fastest (usually) if you’re in that country, as you are constantly surrounded by it. So, the next best thing you can do is do everything you can in that language.

Aside from reading books, you can change your phone (or any device) setting to that language. Use an extension on your search engine that will swap a few words for words in that language. Watch films with subtitles – even with English audio and subtitles in the language you’re learning will help.

Immerse yourself in your language.

Image by Soner Eker via Unsplash. Taken in Kavala, Greece.

Choose your book depending on your level – maybe you’d like Asterix and Obelix in French, or Harry Potter is a good idea because you’re probably already familiar with the words and plotline, so you’ll be able to piece unfamiliar words together.

Make sure you have a steady supply of them, and get a reasonably cheap or, preferably, free source so you don’t have to suffer through it if it’s too hard for you. Remember – language learning should be fun.

Even basic children’s books, just listing colours is fine!

Another thing – if you already have a book in English, try getting it in the language you’re learning, and have them side by side as you read for even faster vocab learning. Try using your favourite book so you get a deeper understanding of it!

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